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Fidan Fejzi

Consultant | Housing Management

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A great client of ours is looking for a Housing Officer ASAP to come into the team and get started straight away. You'll be expected to come into this role and be given an opportunity to start a new role with a housing association that's keen on moving forward.

For this role you'll need to have experience with :

  1. Tenant sustainment : Provide comprehensive support to tenants, including explaining tenancy agreements, policies, and procedures, addressing queries, and offering guidance on tenancy-related matters.
  2. Tenancy audit : Carry out regular tenancy audits and investigate instances if tenancy fraud. Complete annual programme of tenancy audits/yearly checks to check on resident welfare and to investigate all reports of tenancy fraud or sub-letting.
  3. Income maximisation : Ensure all new and existing tenants are supported to put payment arrangements in place as part of new tenants onboarding activities and review of tenancies.
  4. Conflict resolution : Mediate and facilitate the resolution of tenancy-related disputes between tenants and landlords.

Consultant | Housing Management

Fidan Fejzi

Fidan has always loved working with people, so in 2023 he made the move into recruitment here at Oyster, joining our Housing Management team.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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