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Rosemary Pini

Principal Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Project Management

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Unique opportunity for Finance Manager!

Unique opportunity for Finance Manager!

Are you an experienced and dynamic finance professional looking for a rewarding opportunity in the education sector? Look no further! Heath Mount School is seeking a skilled Finance Manager to become an integral part of it’s vibrant and nurturing community.

Why Choose Heath Mount School?

A Prestigious Institution:

  • Heath Mount School has a rich history of academic excellence and a reputation for fostering a supportive learning environment. As a Finance Manager, you'll be contributing to the growth and success of an institution that truly makes a difference in the lives of its students.

Stunning Campus:

  • The school is nestled in a picturesque countryside setting, providing a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty of nature and a peaceful work environment that supports your productivity and creativity.

Close-Knit Community:

  • Become a valued member of the close-knit community, where collaboration and teamwork are highly valued. You'll work alongside dedicated educators and staff who are passionate about nurturing young minds.

Professional Development:

  • At Heath Mount School, they believe in investing in it’s Staff. As a Finance Manager, you'll have access to ongoing professional development opportunities that will enhance your skills and advance your career.

Impactful Role:

  • Your role as a Finance Manager will directly impact the school's financial health and the quality of education they provide. This is a chance to contribute to something meaningful and see the positive outcomes of your work.

Competitive Compensation:

  • Enjoy a competitive salary package that reflects your experience and expertise, along with many other great benefits such as free lunch, use of the gym facilities along with good pension and annual leave.

What You Can Expect:

Strategic Financial Management:

  • Lead the finance department in accordance with the school's financial strategy and policies. Your expertise will be crucial in guiding decision-making and ensuring the school's financial sustainability.

Data-Driven Insights:

  • Utilise your analytical skills to produce and reconcile termly fee invoices, ensuring correct billing and liaising with internal staff. Produce termly management accounts, including income and expenditure, cash flow, and balance sheet. Your insights will empower the school's leadership to make informed choices that drive growth.

Collaborative Budgeting:

  • Assist the Bursar in the preparation, delivery, and oversight of the school budget. Your involvement will be integral to shaping the school's financial future.

Year-End Expertise:

  • Undertake the year-end accounting processes, liaising with auditors to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Cash Flow Monitoring:

  • Monitor and report on cash flow, ensuring the financial stability of the school.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Continually monitor the school's finance operations and advise on how efficiency may be improved. Your insights will drive better financial practices across the organization.

Team Leadership:

  • Line manage of one finance member, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

Continuous Learning:

  • The commitment to learning extends beyond the classroom. As a Finance Manager, you'll have opportunities to expand your skill set and stay updated on industry trends.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career and an education environment that values your contribution, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you're a dedicated finance professional seeking a fulfilling career in an educational institution that values your contributions, Heath Mount School is the perfect place for you.

We would like to attract talent from all corners of the Property world for this role. Our commitment is to an equitable recruitment process so feel free to apply in any way that suits you, via WhatsApp, video message, CV, the more creative the better.

Principal Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Project Management

Rosemary Pini

Armed with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Rosemary is diligent and generous with her time when taking a brief. In doing so, Rosemary is practical, efficient and good working at speed.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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