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Brooke Stebbings-Kirby

Consultant | Office Support

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Responsible to HR & Governance Manager


  • To provide administrative support to the Executive Management Team (EMT) and Operations Management Team (OMT).
  • To provide meeting support to the Board and committees.
  • To provide corporate communications support to the HR & Governance Manager (HRGM).
  • To contribute to the delivery of an effective and high quality customer care service.
  • To be flexible in the hours worked to meet the fluctuating requirements of the role.


  1. To provide administrative support to EMT, including:-
  2. Prepare meeting agendas, conduct research for meetings, take minutes during meetings and distribute minutes in a timely manner as required.
  3. To attend monthly meetings EMT (Executive Management Team), OMT (Operational Management Team), Board Meetings (five times per year) and Development Committee and Finance, Risk and Audit Committee meetings (four times a year each), including some evening meetings. Type, proofread and check Board papers prior to distribution.
  4. Proofreading and checking reports for accuracy.
  5. Assisting with the co-ordination of design and tender documents.
  6. Liaise with developers, consultants, solicitors and contractors as required.
  7. Organise and schedule meetings as required.
  8. Solve simple IT problems and liaise with the IT Manager.
  9. Other admin tasks as directed by the EMT members.

Consultant | Office Support

Brooke Stebbings-Kirby

Brooke tackles every task with gusto, she’s not afraid to get on the phone to source the very best talent she can, and the very best talent is more than happy to work with her because they know she is trustworthy, kind, and committed.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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