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Carla Chamberlain

Divisional Manager

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Are you finding yourself scrolling job adverts finding nothing to your taste? Nothing exciting, nothing at your level and nothing that feels right?

Many of the opportunities lead by Oyster are on a discreet basis at the request of our clients. c

If you are considering your next move or would like to be kept in the loop with opportunities as they arise, then get in touch. Our experienced team would love to learn exactly what could be right for you and are well placed to connect you with a range of different organisations including funds, developers, private equity firms, housebuilders covering Land and Development roles across most sectors.

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Divisional Manager

Carla Chamberlain

Carla, or CC as she is known, is a shining example of how we all have potential we can’t even imagine. Starting 6 years ago at Oyster, her first job in Recruitment, things were not plain sailing for CC, and it would have been very easy to call it a day. Instead, CC persisted where others would have given up, and just six years later she is not only managing a hugely successful team who adore her but has utterly conquered the QS scene and is well on her way to doing the same with Development and Land. And she did it all whilst being the most positive, energetic, fun person in the room.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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