Category Manager (adult social care)

South East England

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George Ludlow

Senior Consultant | Procurement

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As a Category Manager specialising in Adult Social Care, you will play a vital role in ensuring the efficient procurement and delivery of essential services to vulnerable individuals within the community.

Your primary responsibility will be to develop and implement strategic procurement plans specific to adult social care. Working closely with stakeholders such as service managers and external providers, you will gain a deep understanding of their needs and translate them into effective procurement strategies. You will oversee the entire procurement process, from conducting market research and supplier selection to contract negotiation and management.

Monitoring supplier performance will be a key aspect of your role, ensuring that contractual obligations are met and services are delivered at the highest quality and value for money. By building strong relationships with stakeholders, you will collaborate to identify areas for improvement and develop innovative procurement solutions.

Staying abreast of the latest trends, policies, and best practices in the adult social care sector will be crucial. This knowledge will ensure compliance with regulations and drive continuous improvement in procurement processes. You will also provide expert advice and guidance to internal teams on procurement-related matters, including complex contracting arrangements and regulatory requirements.

Evaluating the effectiveness of procurement processes will be an ongoing task, allowing you to identify areas for optimization and implement necessary changes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

This role offers an exceptional opportunity to utilize your expertise in adult social care procurement and make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals in our community. By ensuring the delivery of high-quality services that meet their specific needs, you will contribute directly to their well-being.

Senior Consultant | Procurement

George Ludlow

Having joined in Oyster in 2019, George has a flair for all things recruitment. He’s got an answer to every question, objection, and doubt, and it’s very hard to say no to that level of determination. But on top of that, he is understanding, sympathetic, and energetic, so you know he’s put the time in to work out the best possible outcome for both his clients and candidates.
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Your ambition is our ambition.

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