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Renata Man

Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Project Management

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It’s time for the next step.
You’ve earned it.

How many building surveyors does it take to make a difference?

One. An ambitious, empathic and independent one.

Is that you?

If you’re tired of being micromanaged or bored of doing the same thing every day, it might just be.

Regain your work life balance, rekindle your passion for your job and reap the rewards of giving back to your community. All that, while doing what you’re best at.

This is your opportunity to use your hard-earned planned maintenance experience and in return, get more than just a monthly salary.

Your ambition and energy should be valued, and The Salvation Army wants to do just that. Join their growing property team and work with the most diverse portfolio, including residential properties, offices, churches, shops and even farms.

Work autonomously on multiple projects and make the best use of your empathic nature and those astonishingly good communication skills.

What do I mean by “autonomously”?

You will be working from home, managing your 35h/week.

A company car will be provided to ease your commute to sites.

You will get exposure to project management, focusing mostly on cyclical works and planned maintenance projects worth up to £300,000.

So, have you thought about what the next step in your career is?

The Salvation Army wants to help you with it, offering paid professional memberships and further qualifications/degrees.

Ready to show why you’re different? Get in touch and let’s see how you can elevate your career and make a positive impact on society at the same time.

If you would like to find out more about the perks and what your day to day would look like, apply now. Don’t worry too much if your CV is not up to date, send me what you have or find me on LinkedIn (Renata Adrienn Man) and we can have a chat.

Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Project Management

Renata Man

Renata joined our Estates and Facilities team in 2022, in her first recruitment role. Renata knew her natural determination, diligence, and attention to detail was going to make her an ideal fit for Oyster.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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