With only around 125,000 members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and only around 70,000 in the UK, the limited number of surveyors can often pose significant problems for project managers and planners alike, even derailing some of the most promising projects. Our expert team of consultants are all specialists within their chosen discipline and have built relationships with many experts within the field, thus are able to find the right profile for any role, in spite of the limited number available.

Our experience in Technical recruitment

Oyster Partnerships technical recruitment team have over 30 years of experience recruiting qualified professional surveyors. We specialise in surveying recruitment, providing public and private organisations with qualified professional surveyors on fixed-term, interim and permanent basis. Through years of experience, we have been able to establish an extensive network within the surveying industry, recruiting thousands of individuals for specialist projects.

Technical job titles

Duties can range anywhere from valuing properties and conducting structural surveys of a building, to providing expert consultancy advice on a myriad of property, construction and environmental issues.

  • Project quantity surveyors

Our Technical recruitment consultants

We have been recruiting and placing surveyors on government estates, social housing, residential, commercial, industrial & retail projects across the country for over 15 years. Our team of consultants are able to draw on this expert knowledge of the sector as many of them have previously worked in property and construction themselves. This knowledge allows us to reassure clients and candidates that they are in the right place, speaking to consultants who really know what they’re talking about. Speaking the same language as both the clients and candidates that approach us, means we can quickly and effectively find the role or candidate they are looking for.

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Coronavirus update

With the health and wellbeing of our staff being of the utmost importance, our team in London will be based from home until further notice.

Our software and systems are all fully equipped to ensure the business runs in a responsible and safe manner, using both video and conference calls rather than us holding face to face meetings.

We will continue to follow the latest guidance provided by the Government, but please be assured that OP is still business as usual and will continue to function as best we can.

To speak to any of our consultants directly you can click here or head over to our team page to find their contact details on their profile.