Housing Needs

The Housing Needs desk solely focuses on Homelessness & Housing Option’s roles with Local Authorities across the country. We split from the Housing Management desk as we understood that a specialist understanding of Government legislation and in-depth knowledge of the various roles is key to being successful in this niche market. The desk covers Housing Options, Homelessness, Reviews, Prevention, and Temporary Accommodation roles. Councils across the UK rely on these roles to service the homeless and vulnerable clients that are looking for housing. Whilst you don’t need a degree to work within the Housing Needs sector, it takes an investigative mind to examine the evidence of how an individual has become homeless and to make an informed decision on the best way to help, they are the detectives of the Local Authority world.

Our experience in Housing Needs recruitment

Oyster Partnership is a dynamic social housing recruiter that specialises in providing highly qualified, highly skilled workers to the housing sector. With such a highly diversified number of roles, the need for streamlined, effective recruitment is paramount.

Whether brought about by legislative change or simply an organisation restructuring, at Oyster Partnership we are able to provide Local Authorities with expert staff specialising in Housing Needs within the housing services sector.

Our Housing Needs jobs

We work with Local Authorities across the country to provide quality Housing Needs professionals covering all requirements.

  • Housing options officer
  • Homelessness prevention officer
  • Temp Accommodation Officer
  • HRA Consultant
  • Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker
  • RSI Navigator
  • Reviews Officer

Something to shout about...

Our Housing Needs recruitment consultants

Our Housing Needs team have a combination of 12-years’ experience building partnerships with Local Authorities to provide staff helping those that are homeless to get back on their feet. We have become a market leader in the housing sector through our specialist knowledge of homelessness legislation and obtaining a thorough understanding of what our clients are looking for within a candidate. What is equally as important is that we have a team that appreciates the importance of what our candidates and clients do for those in need. Our specialist recruitment consultants work tirelessly, on a daily basis to make sure that we provide an excellent service for a sector we all feel passionately about, as we all work together in the fight against homelessness.

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