Development, Regeneration & Planning

Providing Development, Regeneration & Planning resource has been a core specialism for Oyster since we opened our doors in 2004. We work with a large number of local authorities, housing associations and private sector bodies, helping them to manage resources through demand fluctuations, reorganisations, and policy changes. As in each area in which we work, we build relationships and maintain contact with a vast database of skilled career professionals in this field.

Town Planning

Since it was established in 2004, Oyster Partnership has specialised in Development, Regeneration and Town Planning. At Oyster Partnership, we are fully dedicated to providing bespoke Town Planning recruitment solutions to a number of organisations that include local authorities, housing associations and firms in the private sector. Town Planning simply refers to the planning, construction, growth and development of a town or other urban area. As the UK continues to experience a surge in demand for new-build properties and cities continue to expand, the need for additional urban spaces is clear. Oyster Partnership has been working within the sector for 15 years, and in that time we have been able to form an extensive, well-established network of skilled professionals in the field.

  • Development Management
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Planning Policy
  • Conservation
  • Urban Design
  • Tree Officer
  • Housing Delivery
  • CIL
  • S106
  • Town Planning
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Latest Town Planning Jobs

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Principal Policy Planner and Local Plan Policy Lead -

£45000 - £65000 per annum London Development, Regeneration & Planning,Town Planning
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Don’t Lose Heart -

£10 - £10000 per annum South East Town Planning
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Development & Regeneration

Oyster Partnership has an extensive history of servicing a diverse portfolio of clients that span across both the public and private sector. The Building Development focuses on the physical developments of land and buildings, whilst Regeneration and Town Planning is a long-term process that aims to tackle social, economic, physical and environmental issues, where the market has previously failed. Due to the housing crisis, greater stress is being placed on organisations to boost the supply of housing, specifically affordable housing, along with creating communities for residents to call ‘home’. However, as austerity and frugal budgeting continues, Councils and Housing Associations are being tasked with, and pressurised into, delivering more, typically with less resources.

  • Land Development
  • Development Surveying
  • New Business
  • Development
  • Regeneration (Residential & Commercial)
  • Project Management
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Coronavirus update

With the health and wellbeing of our staff being of the utmost importance, our team in London will be based from home until further notice.

Our software and systems are all fully equipped to ensure the business runs in a responsible and safe manner, using both video and conference calls rather than us holding face to face meetings.

We will continue to follow the latest guidance provided by the Government, but please be assured that OP is still business as usual and will continue to function as best we can.

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