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-By Jaspreet Bhogal, Associate Director, Oyster Partnership-

In all of my recruitment experience I have never known the market to me quite as it is right now:  

  • More roles than ever  
  • Seemingly more candidates than ever  
  • More and more clients saying they are struggling to recruit  

Why are clients struggling to recruit? 

Well its really not as simple as it used to be! Regardless of whether you have a permanent or temporary vacancy to fill, times have changed.  

  • Money is no longer the be all and end all.  
  • The uncertainty with all things Covid means that candidates are less in a hurry to move. 
  • Those that are looking are being offered multiple positions, so you really need to stand out from the crowd.

There are some things however that you as a recruiting manager can do to increase your chances of securing the best possible talent!

Here are my top 5 tips on securing the best talent…  

  1. Are you being a flexible employer? Hybrid working is here to stay. Offering it, but not talking about it in an advert can be as detrimental as not offering it all!  
  1. Have you thought about how and where you are presenting yourself? Job adverts need to stand out, especially at a time when everyone seems to be recruiting are you presenting yourself in the right way?  
  1. Are your managers really selling the opportunity at interview stage? If your candidate is interviewing at multiple organisations, the interview is your chance to make sure they see the best version of you and those that represent you. 
  1. Is feedback being offered in a timely manner? Expecting a candidate to want an interview a month after applying is unrealistic, as is expecting them to accept a job offer weeks after interviewing. Don’t lose candidates that could be great because you’ve not planned your time properly. 
  1. Is what your offering attractive? Although its not the only motivator, it is still a factor. If you’re expecting an all singing all dancing applicant you really need to be prepared to pay for one.  

To discuss why you may be struggling to fill a particular vacancy or understand more about the market please do get in touch; 020 7766 9009 | jaspreet.bhogal@oysterpartnership.com.

The Author…

Associate Director oyster partnership

Jaspreet Bhogal

Associate Director, Oyster Partnership

Jas joined Oyster Partnership back in 2011 after working at Hays for 2 years. Since then Jas has led on all things Social Housing, along the way she has been growing not only her reputation but also the Oyster brand within the Housing Industry.

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