How Fire Safe Are You?

The Oyster Partnership’s Property Services team has pulled together pointers to ensure you’re aware of all the precautions necessary to remain fire safe in your home.

Please note: this is a general guide to fire safety for general information purposes. It does not replace expert advice issued by the Fire Brigade or by your Landlord relevant to your home.


1.     By law, smoke detectors on all storeys of all properties should be fitted where there is living accommodation. 

·       If you’re a tenant, on a monthly basis you can check the alarms are working adequately by pushing the test button.

·       If you’re an owner or landlord, when fitting detectors avoid bathrooms and kitchens as the steam can damage the unit and activate unintentionally.

·       Devises should be replaced every 10 years.


2.     Your landlord is responsible for managing official safety checks. 

·       Be aware of the instructions for fire safety in your building.

·      Adequate fire extinguishers must be provided on every floor.

·       Keep a record of the regular safety checks required to be taken out in your building.

·       Gas checks are required annually and electrical every five years. 

·       Don’t compromise on safety, make sure you contact your landlord if any appliances or devices look suspicious. Submit any queries or requests via email to ensure they’re adequately recorded.


3.     Make a plan in case of fire, it’s imperative everyone knows what to do under pressure.

·       Ensure all fire doors are unobstructed, clearly identified and locatable.

·       The designated escape route must be fire, smoke and fume resistant with an automatic closing to prevent flames and smoke entering the escape route.



4.     Ensure all open flames are isolated, always supervised and in a safe location.

It’s easy for all of us to forget about a candle in the living room, or step away from the stove while cooking to answer a phone call. Always make sure flames are out of reach from:

·       Children and pets.

·       Draped curtains or hung material.

·       Open windows liable to a breeze. You can never be too careful!


5.     If a fire does occur…

·       Fire expands with oxygen stimulation so try and minimise exposure by closing room or oven doors in the case of a fire.

·       Call 999 and either implement your fire exit strategy or follow the careful instructions of the fire brigade.

·       Lay low to avoid excessive smoke inhalation.


Please refer to the London Fire Brigade for more information: http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/FireSafety.asp

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