Housing: The new team RSL’s need


Our clients in housing are facing challenges with the triple whammy of Welfare Reform, housing shortage and the Right to Buy. These monumental changes can only succeed if housing associations have the right support, infrastructure and staff to handle the new housing world.

This article will focus on the new roles and skills social housing groups need to survive and thrive under a new emboldened Conservative Government.

Welfare Reform

Starting with Welfare Reform; who are the saviours you need to manage the changes, and who will you need to secure your revenue streams?

Managing the Change

Universal Credit changes everything. Understanding the policy changes, liaising with the DWP and the Job Centre, and managing the digital transformation will require a new team member: the Welfare Reform Officer.

Welfare Reform Officer

What is it – The main duties of this role are to mitigate the changes to the welfare benefits system for organisations residents. The position helps residents to prepare for these changes by helping them maximise benefits take-up. In turn, this sustains an RSL’s income revenue stream.

Why is the role needed – A RSL’s income revenue is overwhelmingly made up of tenant rent payments. Some organisations will have in excess of 90% of residents in receipt of Housing Benefit so the removal of direct landlord payment poses a risk.

Under Universal Credit, will instead be paid directly to the claimant, meaning this income revenue is no longer the same sure-bet it was before.  The knock-on effect will be, an almost certain drop, in income collection rates, and an increased workload for RSLs.

When should RSL’s recruit – Now! The welfare reform programme is a huge shift from previous policy. And, as seen with the recent announcement of a further benefit caps,  will continue to evolve and tighten. Universal Credit also has yet to hit many organisations and difficulties found in the test areas could soon become nationwide headaches RSL’s will need to face.

Experience and Skills Needed- A strong and current working knowledge of the current and proposed changes to the benefits system is needed with many people coming from a money advice or Citizens Advice Bureau working background.

Protecting Revenue

The simple, secure Housing Benefit payment you received as landlords is being replaced with the complex and unreliable process of Universal Credit tenancy payment. You need to mitigate the risk and streamline your rental payments.

Stepping up to the challenge are Money Management Officers and Tenancy Sustainment Officers. These guys will ensure the myriad of players (DWP, Job Centre, tenants and your staff) are collaborating effectively to secure the rent, and helping tenants to cope.

Money Management Officer

What is it – An Officer of this type would be required to help residents manage their finances. Specifically: budgeting, debt advice and benefit take up/income.

Why is the role needed – The role is needed to help residents manage their financial commitments and ensure that their priority bills are paid, greatly increasing their chances of successfully sustaining their tenancies.

When should RSL’s recruit – With the recent uncertain economic environment and substantial changes to the benefits system, most organisations will have this type of person in the post already. Those that don’t will soon start to realise the benefit of this position when they experience increased rent arrears and their tenant’s complex financial difficulties.

Experience and Skills Needed – Experience in a support capacity is advantageous, but a strong working knowledge of the benefits system and welfare reform is essential. Many people in this type of position will have a background in either Income Recovery or Debt Advice, possibly within organisations such as the CAB.


The UK is experiencing a housing crises and too much pressure  (without enough support)  is being placed on Registered Social Housing Landlords (RSLs) to supply affordable housing.

One of the government’s hopes is that the vast sums of cash needed will be generated by selling off existing housing stock through ‘Right to Buy’.

Time will tell whether this actually happens, but for now let us plan optimistically. What people and skills will RSLs need to realise the benefits these policy changes – and a most welcome injection of cash.

Right to Buy

If ‘Right to Buy’ comes into legislation as the government has outlined, and if tenants acquire the mortgages necessary; RSLs will be selling their prime stock and investing the cash in fresh development.

Sales – Right to Buy (RTB) Officer

What is it – an RTB Officer is needed to help manage the process of residents seeking to buy their Council or Housing Association property using the heavy discount benefit promoted by central government.

Why is the role needed – While this type of position has always been needed in some capacity, the recent extension to the Right to Buy programme will undoubtedly cause a huge surge in applications.

When should RSL’s recruit – Since the outcome of the general election and the announcement of the programme extension, many organisations have sought to re-deploy existing staff or start the recruitment process immediately.

Experience and Skills Needed- Due to the legislative knowledge needed, many people recruited to this position have been doing the role elsewhere. And those with a Home Ownership background have many transferable skills.

Development Professionals

To build new housing stock, regenerate existing communities or just replenish the housing stock taken by Right to Buy, RSLs will need to develop. Therefore, RSLs will need a raft of construction professionals.

As an RSL manager, you will have to choose from either buying these services through consultancies – expensive – or developing your in-house teams, similar to the larger established developers.

The team you’ll need behind you to either develop new schemes or regenerate existing stock and communities.