Check out our top five tips for securing the right talent.

By: Jaspreet Bhogal – Divisional Manager Public Sector Housing Services

After eight years of recruiting solely into the Housing sector there have been some notable changes in the industry but the fundamentals of what candidates look for when accepting a new position remain the same. Interviewing is a two way street and finding good employees is the key to professional success.

We’ve collated our top five tips to help you secure the best talent.

1)      Money

It may sound obvious but we all work to get paid! The market is competitive and many candidates are interviewing for more than one position at a time, often through more than one agency. To ensure you get the best, it’s important to look at the market and particularly local organisations to see what it is they offer. £1/£2 more or less can make a big difference and offering competitive rates is paramount.

2)      Fixed Term vs Temporary

An increasingly popular employment trend is temporary workers on a fixed term basis. While this seems like it may be more cost effective (and often is not), it does unfortunately exclude the ‘seasoned’ temp from your pool of potential candidates. True contractors, temps or interims will want to be paid on a timesheet basis because they enjoy the flexibility temporary work offers. Those workers that look for holiday/sick pay/pension etc will usually want a permanent role, so wouldn’t apply for a three month fixed term in any case. Of course some candidates will go for the fixed term option but it’s important to ask, is this the best the market has to offer?

3)      The ‘Vibe’

Many candidates are interviewing at multiple organisations and the strong talent will be offered more than one role at a time, as mentioned earlier. Therefore it’s really important your organisation stands out from the crowd and one way of doing that is to make a great first impression when showcasing the general ‘vibe’ the candidate gets during interviewing. This can include anything from how they were greeted at reception, interactions they notice between reception and tenants as well as the feeling they get from the interviewer. Prepare your staff (and yourself) – interviews are very much a two way process!

4)      Sell

In addition to the organisational feel, it’s important to remember that if someone is interviewing for the same role in different organisations, they need to know what makes yours stand out. Why are you recruiting? What will the candidate enjoy about the role? What challenges will they face? What will their priorities be? Paint the picture for your candidates and draw them in it. It sounds simple but it will make a world of difference when securing the talent you want.

5)      Timeframes

Nothing is more frustrating for a temp than getting a call from a recruiter and hearing ‘organisation X needs someone as soon as possible!’, so they take time out of their busy day to update their CV, to then hear nothing. Thereafter, the call leads to the disappointing response ‘sorry we’ve not had a chance to look at CVs yet’. Make sure you have timeframes set for when you will give feedback for CVs, interviews, start dates, and let the recruiter know so they can pass this information onto the candidates and manage expectations. If you request an interview after more than a week, the chances are candidates have either lost interest or are no longer available, so you must try and move quickly.

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