The London Homelessness Conference 2019

Yesterday the Housing Needs team attended the Homelessness Conference 2019, the first time it has ever been held in London.

In attendance were some fantastic speakers, including the likes of Andy Gayle, Martin Wierzbicki & Toby Van Hegan. The event was an incredible success and the conference itself seems to be growing in numbers year on year, with this being its biggest attendance yet.

From a homelessness professionals perspective, it was a great opportunity for managers to compare individual ways of working and brainstorm best practices. There was very much a sense of homelessness professionals coming together to try to tackle homelessness as a group! It was great to see involvement from authorities nationwide.

A special thanks to Minos, who not only worked hard to organise the conference, but was strongly involved in talks and workshops available on the day.

We are very thankful to be a part of such a great day and hope to use some of the knowledge learnt on the day to provide the best and most suitable candidates to our clients, whilst doing our best to work with candidates to better their experience in these areas.

We look forward to working with Housing Reviews LTD in the future!

You can find photos from the event on our Facebook page: Click here.