The importance of our NHS Estates Facilities 70 years later


By Lewis Butterfield, Estates and Engineering Recruitment Specialist

5 July 1978, 70 years ago, our National Health Service began; changing the lives of so many, each with their own personal account of why the service is fundamental to our country and why so many are grateful for it. At Oyster Partnership it is rewarding for our Property Public Sector Team to know that by placing professionals into specific roles within the estates facilities of hospitals and health centers, they are helping to keep our NHS system operational and compliant to health and safety regulations.

Our Estates & Engineering Recruitment Specialist Lewis Butterfield specialises in a number of different areas ranging from Estates, Facilities and Projects. He has placed many professionals such as: Consultants, Directors, Heads of Service and Estates & Facilities Managers (to name a few) who are responsible for managing, maintaining and improving property and facilities across NHS trusts; from Acute Trusts, Universities, Mental Health, Communities, and Foundations, within hospitals such as Royal Free, Guys & St. Thomas’ and West London Mental Health.

Lewis gives his account below on why the NHS is still to this day so heavily relied upon and the importance of keeping our NHS estates facilities maintained to a high standard:

The Kings Fund Report highlights the significance between the public and our healthcare. There is mounting concern that the quality of care in the NHS is deteriorating and the public think that things are not going to get better any time soon. At the top of the public’s priority of where they want more (or any extra) government/public spend is the need for the money to be spent on our NHS.

Each day our hardworking doctors, nurses and support teams work collectively together to save lives, combat illnesses and contribute many hours of dedication to the service. The accomplishments they achieve to ensure we have a better quality of life is phenomenal and vital to keep the public’s health in check. There has always been changes in government regulations over the years but more recently there has been the introduction of the IR35 and ongoing brexit developments, which has made it more challenging for the NHS to budget for staff and estate maintenance, causing concern.

It is within buildings that our NHS services can function and the rising importance of Estates and Engineering roles that help maintain a safe and happy environment for all – which is why there has been an increasing demand for both maintenance staff and professionals to oversee the estates function. In the last 3 months alone, there has been an influx for managerial staff across the UK, to oversee the running of teams responsible for the upkeep of our healthcare organisations. It has been an extremely busy time for myself and the team and shows no signs of slowing down.

It is top priority that we meet with clients and professionals, wherever in the country they may be, to establish exactly what they are looking for, and provide the right staff that our NHS needs.”

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