Enforcement Officer

enforcement officer

Working as an Enforcement Officer

Enforcement professionals are those that investigate, consider and report on alleged breaches of planning control in order, as appropriate, to bring about formal enforcement action.

Enforcement officers provide and assist in the effective delivery of the organisation’s planning enforcement functions and ensure the integrity of the planning system.

The role of an Enforcement Officer includes:

  • Undertaking site visits
  • Investigate issues in planning control
  • Reporting violations
  • Preparing and enforcing formal action against violations
  • Preparing correspondence and maintain accurate records
  • Communicating with residents

Qualifications & Experience

As an enforcement officer, you will not be required to have a degree, however, relevant training, experience, and understanding of the sector is highly desirable to potential employers.

  1. PACE training is preferred, as well as previous law enforcement experience.
  2. NAPE membership – National Association of Planning Enforcement
  3. MRTPI chartership

Salary & Benefits

Salary: £20,500 – £68,000

Contractors: £18 – £50 per hour

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We work with various Public Sector organisations across the UK providing the Housing Sector with Enforcement Officers and other industry professionals.

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