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Since 2004, Oyster has worked closely with public, private and third sector employers, meeting their requirements for skilled staffing in property-related roles of every kind. We understand the constraints and challenges our clients face, and so can be proactive in anticipating challenges. Our team covers a total of 16 individual fields, which we group into 6 areas of specialism.

So many ways Oyster can help you.

As well as helping you meet your staffing resource needs, we can help you and your organisation perform more effectively as a recruiter in a number of other ways.

Our Services portfolio comprises a range of consulting and project offers designed to ensure that your recruiter brand, structure and role definitions, job descriptions, and applicant vetting and interviewing follow best practices and serve to heighten your performance, as well as the ROI you achieve, from your recruitment activity.

Our Services

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* Taken from ‘Best Places To Work In Property’ survey 2019