Consulting and project services to help you identify, recruit and retain Property professionals.

We provide a wide range of consulting and project services designed to lend our expert professional understanding to optimise your organisation’s recruitment processes, profile and performance.

Job Description Consultation

First impressions count. Before you’ve even had a chance to sell your organisation in an interview to perspective candidates, your job description needs to entice them to apply.

In our experience, job descriptions that lack detail and simply list what is expected from a successful applicant act as a deterrent and can damage your employer brand.

Using our knowledge of what appeals to candidates in a JD (as well as what may turn them away) we will work with you to pin point exactly what it is you are searching for. We will then translate this into a job description which will incorporate key facts but also tell a story, and engage with your target pool of

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Hierarchical Consultation

All organisations require well-organised hierarchies in order to function effectively and to provide staff with clear lines of reporting, accountability and career advancement.

Our Hierarchical Consultation helps you to analyse staffing hierarchies in your organisation at a departmental or divisional level. It enables you to consider the various levels within the hierarchy, its management structures and staffing numbers at each level.

The consultation enables you to consider and refine these structures and to align them with the business plan, allowing you to make accurate projections of future staffing requirements at each level in the hierarchy.

The consultation also assists with clarifying job descriptions for future recruitment processes.

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Executive Search

Finding the right leader in an ever-competitive marketplace can be tough. Our specialist exec search team hold over 30 years’ combined experience. We have an in-depth understanding of management structures & market trends that enable us to identify exceptional leaders.

Our consultants will collaborate with our clients to create and execute a comprehensive hiring strategy to identify the best candidates in the market. We will provide an insight into the challenges of the market as well as advice on the right leadership skills required by your organisation .

Executive search can be a time consuming and intensive process, OP will manage the entire process allowing you to continue with business as usual.

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Retained Assignments

Retained Search is the most refined and proactive form of recruitment; however, it is a congested market, with little differentiation between firms. We believe the Oyster Partnership proposition is different.

Our approach is built on sector specialism which gives our clients access to market knowledge and a network built up over 15 years of developing and nurturing relationships within the built environment. We will work in partnership with you to draft and agree the brief, agree timeframes which allow for an exhaustive market search and effectively act as an internal recruitment function until the assignment is complete.

From niche specialist roles to confidential senior hires, our unblemished record truly shows that this model is the most effective form of recruitment

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Market Mapping

Market mapping is an organisational intelligence process used to help you make key strategic decisions about staffing, future resourcing requirements and recruitment needs.

Under this service, and depending on your requirements, we analyse the market in which you function, and audit competitive or similar organisations for the structuring and hierarchy of their internal resources, and levels of staffing maintained.

The mapping may also assess the quantity of qualified candidates for one or more roles currently in the market, as well as the numbers likely to be available for recruitment at any given time.

It can also project future availability of hires for specific roles, or within the sector as a whole, factoring in expected changes in circumstances or demographic data.

At a granular level, we can deliver mapping data accurate down to names, titles and remuneration levels.

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Psychometric Testing

Oyster Partnership carries out psychometric testing on both current employees and on candidates within the recruitment process.

The testing helps you to understand the success drivers, talents and cultural fit of individuals, and so optimise the matching of candidates, or existing employees, to specific roles.

Oyster Partnership also conducts psychometric testing at a departmental or full organisational level, helping you to assemble an accurate picture of organisational competencies, leadership frameworks and values which can inform strategy and planning for restructures or future recruitment.

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Interview Technique

In a highly competitive recruitment environment, it’s critical that your HR team and Managers convey a positive and representative picture of your organisation to prospective hires during the interview process.

Oyster Partnership’s leadership team will deliver one to one or group coaching for individuals involved in the interview process. Training can be delivered on or off-site to suit your requirements.

With appropriate interviewing skills being dependent on many factors, the specifics of Oyster’s training programmes are tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation and/or attendees.

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Salary Benchmarking

Benchmarking salaries allows you to ensure the competitiveness of your organisation in the recruitment market in relation to a specific vacancy or, if a wider view is taken, for strategic purposes.

Oyster Partnership carries out detailed benchmarking to your precise requirements, drawing on local, regional, UK-wide or even global data to establish a full picture of remuneration and market values for specific roles.

The information obtained from this process can assist with employee retention and help with modelling organisational restructures.

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Career Transition

Available either onsite or offsite at a convenient venue, Oyster Partnership provides one to one or group career transition coaching for employees at all levels who are exiting your organisation as a result of redundancies or restructuring.

Coaching is delivered by experienced career transition consultants.

Generally supplied to the exiting employee as part of an outplacement package, the coaching not only benefits respected professionals at a turning point in their careers, but also contributes positively to the employer brand of your organisation.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Depending on the nature of your recruitment requirement, and the HR resources available within your organisation, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service can help you reduce the workload on your internal resource and manage recruitment more efficiently and cost effectively.

Oyster’s assigned Recruitment Manager works on-site, off-site or between the two, collaborating closely with your own HR team and Managers to provide an invisible extension to your in-house capability, with all the benefits of our experience and resources as specialist sector recruiters.

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Brand Analysis

Success in the recruitment market depends on many factors, and role & remuneration alone do not ensure your competitiveness and performance. This is especially true when considering your recruitment needs over the long term.

Oyster Partnership’s Brand Analysis audits employ internal and external interviews, surveys, and competitor analysis to profile the way your organisation is viewed by peers, potential hires and, just as importantly, the current workforce, retention of which is key to your staffing strategy.

Tailoring the analysis to your specific requirements, we can then deliver a findings report which makes clear recommendations on remedial or advisable action.

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