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Starting your contract


From the day of receiving your offer confirmation there is a 2 working day turnaround for receiving your logins for Oyster Time (our timesheet software).

Within those 2 days, you will receive an email from ‘noreply@mail.timesheetportal.com’ giving you your username, password and website address which will allow you to log in to Oyster Time.

You will also receive an email from the same email address asking you to ‘verify your account’, please do this as soon as possible as without doing that, you will not be able to login to your account and submit timesheets.

Once you are logged into your account, you will then be able to submit your timesheets within the job created for you. A manual on how to use our software can be found by clicking <here>. It is important to ensure you have 2 approvers available to sign off your timesheets in the event your main approver was not available.

Our payroll is run weekly and the timesheet deadline is Tuesday 12pm. Your timesheet must be approved by this time to ensure you will receive your payment on the Friday. We process one payroll per week, and do not offer advance payments, so we highly recommend you submit your timesheet on the system as early as possible. This will allow your approver the necessary time to approve your timesheet.

If your placement means that you have to submit a timesheet on a third party VMS website, the deadline of Tuesday 12pm still applies. You will still need to submit an identical timesheet on the Oyster Partnership Timesheet Portal website which we will subsequently approve once we acknowledge the VMS website approval. We can only pay you for the time you submit on the VMS website so your Oyster Partnership timesheet MUST be identical.

Payment Options

Assuming you have not decided already, upon joining you will have 4 payment options to choose from, and the pay rate you are offered may change depending on which option you choose:

Umbrella Company

Your gross pay will be paid to your selected umbrella company; they will then pay you on a PAYE basis. We have a number of umbrella companies which we use already, please ask your consultant if you need help on deciding. If you choose an umbrella company which Oyster have not used before, the umbrella company will go through our full compliance and credit checks before we decide to allow them to be used.

Oyster’s Payroll through PAYE

In this option, you will be paid through Oyster’s payroll via PAYE. You will be paid directly into your personal account, with National Insurance and PAYE deducted at source. You will be entitled to 28 days holiday and company pension.

LTD Company

You will be paid into your LTD company account at the gross amount, meaning you will have to submit your own taxes, NI contributions and VAT payments (if applicable). This is IR35 dependant, and you cannot choose this option if you are inside IR35.

LTD Company Off-Payroll

This is the alternative for contractors who are inside IR35, but still want to be paid into your LTD Company. Being paid off-payroll means you will get paid into your limited company NET of all taxes. You can still be paid VAT.


Every candidate who works through The Oyster Partnership Limited, whether as an Oyster PAYE candidate, Umbrella or through your own LTD company, has to be fully compliant. This means having all the valid and relevant documents to prove who you are and if you are eligible to work in the UK.

This will include but is not limited to:


LTD Company Off-Payroll Umbrella PAYE
Passport/Right to Work Document* Passport/Right to Work Document Passport/Right to Work Document* Passport/Right to Work Document*
Registration Form including NI number Registration Form including NI number Registration Form including NI number Registration Form including NI number
Proof of LTD Company bank details Proof of LTD Company bank details N/A Personal Bank Details
Certificate of Incorporation** Certificate of Incorporation** N/A N/A
Proof of Address Proof of Address Proof of Address Proof of Address
VAT Registration Certificate*** VAT Registration Certificate*** N/A N/A


*If you cannot provide a passport we will accept a driver’s licence with a birth certificate OR any form of photo identification along with proof of NI number.

If you are presenting a non UK/EU passport you will need to provide your VISA entitlement/entry clearance document.

**Please ensure you are the/a Director and a Shareholder of the LTD Company, as without proof of this we cannot process you for payment.

***If applicable

Please also note that if you are a Oyster PAYE candidate you will also need to submit a ‘Starter Checklist’ and if within the current tax year your P45.


Upon receiving your offer confirmation there is a 2 working day turnaround for receiving your contract. Contracts are sent through an electronic platform called EchoSign. This will allow you to sign electronically and both parties (candidate/client/umbrella company and The Oyster Partnership Limited) will receive an electronic copy.

LTD company and Off-Payroll contractors will receive a contract including Terms and Conditions/Terms of Business, your Assignment Schedule and Conduct Regulations Opt-Out Notice. Then on a separate document you will receive a Self-Bill agreement.

Umbrella contractors will not receive a contract from Oyster, our contract is sent directly to the chosen umbrella company, who should in turn issue you their own contract.

Oyster PAYE candidates will receive a contract with terms and conditions and an Assignment Schedule.