Stephanie Tickner

I am currently working from home. You can contact me on my mobile number 07949 951 209 or via email stephanie.tickner@oysterpartnership.com

Steph joined Oyster in August 2019, after working a year recruiting Facilities Management and prior to this, 4 years within the Medical Sector. Steph now works alongside Dino on Development & Regeneration – placing interim candidates into the Public Sector.

What keeps Steph motivated?
Professional success. Knowing that her perseverance and tenacity will support her to achieve success as well as the support of her peers. Steph is also an avid gym-goer!

Why does Steph love her job?

Steph loves the fact that no two days are the same, that she works in a company that mirrors her morals and values and that her income will ultimately be a true reflection of the hard work she puts in.  

Coronavirus update

With the health and wellbeing of our staff being of the utmost importance, our team in London will be based from home until further notice.

Our software and systems are all fully equipped to ensure the business runs in a responsible and safe manner, using both video and conference calls rather than us holding face to face meetings.

We will continue to follow the latest guidance provided by the Government, but please be assured that OP is still business as usual and will continue to function as best we can.

To speak to any of our consultants directly you can click here or head over to our team page to find their contact details on their profile.