Niall Davies

I am currently working from home. You can contact me on my mobile number 07933 547 040 or via email niall.davies@oysterpartnership.com

Niall comes from the world of Finance, specifically Credit Control. After looking for a change in career and meeting Sasza, he decided to join Oyster as a Recruitment Consultant. He is working on the Town Planning desk, covering specifically the West Midlands and North West regions. 

What keeps Niall motivated?

Still being very fresh to recruitment what keeps Niall motivated is the thrill of the new challenge, meeting both candidates and clients and, ultimately, shaping people’s careers.

Why does Niall love what he does?

The atmosphere throughout the office and everyone here at Oyster is genuinely the best office environment possible and it really makes you want to come into work and work hard for, not only yourself but for everyone else in the company. Plus, the benefits here at Oyster really make the hours you put in worthwhile so it is great to work for a company where you are actually valued!