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On Thursday, 7 June, Oyster Partnership are taking part in the LandAid 10k charity run to raise money that contributes towards ending youth homelessness in the UK.  Half of our recruitment specialists work within the public sector, with some of these covering ‘Housing Needs’, supporting the prevention of homelessness by placing professionals where needed to address different matters relating to this sector. The business as a whole has in-depth understanding and genuine passion for helping improve the life’s of others and therefore LandAid is a charity close to our hearts. 

Alice Lamb, Director of Fundraising and Partnerships for LandAid, took the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and discuss the purpose and importance of the charity, with how the funds raised make such a difference to the life’s of so many.

1.Why is LandAid so important and what is the main aim of the charity?

LandAid is the property industry charity working to end youth homelessness in the UK. We bring together businesses and individuals from across the industry to support charities delivering life-changing projects for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness. As a charitable trust, we award grants to exceptional charities in the UK who are working to tackle youth homelessness. Our grants are invested in capital projects which provide much-needed homes for young people. We also provide free professional property expertise and know-how to our charity partners through our successful pro bono programme.

Our key aim is To provide accommodation and support for young people who have been homeless.

    2. Which recent projects have you funded that have caused a significant, positive impact for youth homelessness?

 Last year was LandAid’s biggest ever year of fundraising! At least 7,764 young people were supported by projects that are now complete, up and running, and reporting their impact to us. We awarded 41 grants totaling £1,746,087 to 39 different charities. We also brokered pro bono professional advice for 34 charities across the country.

Over the next year we will be supporting a number of big and exciting projects. LandAid House, the brand new, 146 bed accommodation in East London, run by City YMCA will be open in Summer 2019, providing safe, secure and affordable accommodation for hundreds of young Londoners every year. Find out more.

In the South West, we are working with Cubex, DHI and other significant partners on the East Street Mews project, which will create 11 homes for young homeless people in Bristol. Find out more.

 3. How has the money that Oyster Partnership has raised so far helped?

The Oyster Partnership has raised nearly £3,500 for LandAid from this and last year’s LandAid 10K. This money could make a huge difference to the lives of young homeless people, by raising just £500 more, you will have raised enough money to furnish and buy white goods for a newly refurbished two bed home.*

*please be aware that this is an example of where your fundraising could go. All fundraising is spent where it is needed most.

 4. What are your thoughts on the Homeless Reduction Act?

 The Homelessness Reduction Act signifies the biggest change in homelessness law over 40 years. The act entitles anyone who presents as homeless or at risk of homelessness within 56 days to an assessment and a personalised housing plan. Whilst being a significant change, councils still face a challenge to finding affordable accommodation and the act will not be successful unless it is married with a commitment to creating affordable housing for all. For many young people today, their homelessness is a direct result of a lack of affordability. For many, particularly in the South and London, despite working hard they are unable to afford local rents. Without tackling this problem, we will not be able to end homelessness.

 5. What other things could be done to help those young who are homeless when it comes to finding a job?

 LandAid awards grants to exceptional charities across the UK who work with young people who are homeless. These charities not only provide accommodation, but they also help young people to find jobs, apprenticeships and education opportunities. Finding sustainable work continues to be the best route out of homelessness, but young people need support and guidance to gain resilience and confidence to maintain their employment and homes. Many of the charities we work with employ young people in the construction process, this not only teaches them skills to move on and get a job but also gives them a sense of ownership and pride over their homes.

Two LandAid funded projects we have helped: Canopy in Leeds and Giroscope in Hull won the World Habitat Award for this in 2015. Find out more.

 6. Any final motivating words for our runners on Thursday?

Thank you for signing up to the LandAid 10K – don’t forget that every step you take it one step closer to ending youth homelessness.

If you want to get involved in LandAid contact Alice today!

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