6 years: The journey of 4

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Ah, the number 6. It’s not been a good year for that number has it.

Bubbles of six, the rule of 6, no more than 6… it’s the new number 13. Six. 

For us 4 however, the number 6 isn’t all bad as this October marks 6 years of us joining Oyster Partnership.

In keeping with the 6 theme, here is a trip down memory lane

The One where it all began

Monday 13th October 2014. Seems like yesterday. That day we joined the 6th OP Academy (ok, it was actually the 4th, but we like the number 6 now)

It’s hard to grasp what has happened since that day. A wannabe lawyer, a wannabe actor, a wannabe journalist and Bucklow… 4 very different people, from 4 very different walks of life, who didn’t quite know what the hell recruitment was. Except Sohan, who did a legal degree, so of course he knew everything…

Our first day was intense, but not how we expected. At midday we were taken out for a quick bite to eat… at one of the fanciest restaurants on Saville Row (Bucklow couldn’t even pronounce the name). It turns out that they had laid on a big soiree for the afternoon for us, almost like an initiation of sorts. Let’s just say that the following morning was a struggle for us all, especially Murray who showed up an hour late… 

Just like that morning, the 4 of us have had many challenges over the last 6 years but none of them come close to the amazing memories we’ve made. There’s been ups, there’s been downs, swings & roundabouts and highs & lows, all washed down with plenty of Sambuca.  We have learnt a lot along the way, some of which we thought worth sharing.

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Two Truths about the world of Recruitment

We joined in a group of 13 people, so naturally everyone would work in different ways. Someone would have to do the first interview, someone would be the first to ring the bell… it’s easy to compare yourself to the rest of the group. 

We were all guilty of this, except Sohan of course, because he did the first deal, and don’t we know it…. What we are trying to say is, #1… it really doesn’t matter who does what, or who rings the bell first. Everyone will get to where they need to be. Everyone’s journey is different.

Recruitment since time began has had the ‘work hard play hard’ stigma, with a lot of emphasis on the play hard. It’s important to not underestimate the working hard… So #2, yes the benefits are amazing, but these don’t come easy. You need to be prepared to put in the effort and work hard if you want to reap the rewards. 

Three people, we are thankful for

Of course, we wouldn’t have got to where we are without a helping hand. By helping hand, we mean we owe our careers to a certain 3 people….

Shivan, kind, generous, and the 3rd best dressed man we know. If you have a question, Shivan has the answer. There really is nobody better than Mr Mehta.

Jas, as scary as she is brilliant. Constantly there to help and teach. She will back you to the bitter end, just make sure you don’t slag off the Kardashian’s.

Shivan & Jas have been a constant for us all, every step of the way. Either as a direct line manager, a fellow manager, someone to turn to for advice, or a shoulder to cry on! It’s hard to imagine our time here without them both.

Then of course, there’s Mr OP himself, Sasza Bandiera.

Our fearless leader who has picked us up at our lowest and who keeps us grounded at our highest. Without his final say so, none of us would have a seat at the table. For that, we are all eternally grateful.

Where would we be without them you ask? 

Murray still waiting tables? Sophie in Season 35 of TOWIE? Sohan still trying to make it as a lawyer? Bucklow as Prime Minster? (You might have guessed who wrote this section). We will never know. 

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years already, before we know it, it will be 10 years and we will all be well into our thirties…

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Four for the future

Gone are the days when holidays & general excess were what we aspired to. Now, we are all working towards actual adult life.

With all the postponements this year, we can finally start to get excited about Sohan’s wedding in 2021 (let’s hope he hasn’t given her enough time to change her mind…)

The next step for Sophie will be becoming a Managing Consultant, meaning all 4 of us will be part of the Senior Management Team (who would have thought?!)

Bucklow is becoming an actual adult, and will be moving out of London to live the country life in the near future. Just don’t tell Sasza or Jas.

Contrary to the above, Murray is just looking forward to jet setting once again and living life in excess.

5 Favourites

Of course, it would be rude to not reminisce on the last 6 years. It really is a tough ask but, we’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 of our favourite memories since 2014.

1. IBIZA 2017

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All 4 of us together on this holiday having all hit our hard targets, it really was a weekend to remember!

2. Sales Day

recruitment job
There really is nothing quite like the energy of an OP Sales Day 

3. Winter Wonderland

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A yearly fixture in the OP Calendar, and one that never disappoints! The annual pilgrimage through Piccadilly, Mayfair, on to Hyde Park… it’s one of the best days of the year for sure and will be sadly missed in 2020

4. The Races

property recruitment career
Another annual outing, the Oyster Race Day! A time old classic. Spending the day with those we’ve worked with for many years makes this a family day at the races

5. Promotional outing

promotional lunch
An OP tradition is that when you are promoted, you are treated to a fancy lunch / afternoon out with your manager and Sasza. In 2019, we all got promoted within a short space of time! This meant we were able to combine our promotional outing into 1, which made it all the more special

It really has been an adventure, and we’re only just getting started. We have given you enough words, so to finish here are Six Pics. from over the years – enjoy!